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„Amor Fati” („Amor Fati journal” and „Amor Fati Library”), announcing mainly reviewed scientific articles, is published both in print (ISSN: 2449-8807) and electronic version (ISSN: 2449-7819). The same applies to monographs that are assigned an ISBN for online and printed versions (the exception is commercial publications appearing here, which may be issued in one or both forms).

Until 2017 Authors received two free copies of the publication (one private, the other one library’s specimen) – the printing costs were covered by private funds.

Egzemplarze autorskie

Publications online are free of charge and accessed freely (Open Access).

Fee charged for printed issue: 39.50 zł (PLN) [or 10 €] + delivery cost (calculated individually). This cost includes one issue for author and one issue for the library indicated by the author. Author is also able to order another issues with a discount.

Author does not have to order the printed issue – therefore one does not pay any fee.

In the title of payment please include:

  1. first and last name,
  2. title of the publication,
  3. title of issue,
  4. and add formula “author copy fee”.

For the certifications there is an additional fee charged. More information here.

Financial data:
Fundation “good morning! the collective of culture” (polish name: Fundacja “dzień dobry! kolektyw kultury”)
Lampego Street 6/8
41-608 Świętochłowice

NIP (Tax ID): 6272750959
REGON: 367131657
KRS: 0000674930

Bank account number (PLN): 80 1750 0012 0000 0000 3723 0464
Name of the bank: Raiffeisen Polbank

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