Scholarship advice

In addition to the traditional, paid publication method, there is an option of free publication and payment for publishing services only if the scholarship/scholarships will be obtained by the Author.

How it works? First of all, we advise on what to submit, how to submit and when to submit to successfully obtain a scholarship. We have achived scholarships many times, so we know how this system works – you can use our knowledge for free.

As far as our activity is concerned, it includes:

  • a publication of a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis in the highest scoring form (a monograph, a chapter, an article) in relation to the scholarship, which the Author will be submitting (depending on the university, the article or the chapter may be more profitable – we approach each person individually).
  • a publication of a thesis prepared for classes – yes, these works also count, but they must go through a certain publication process.

Who can use this service?

Above all else, students (especially in the third and fourth year of studies), but also PhD students of all majors and all specialties in Poland who are trying or would like to get scholarships of various kinds (minister, president, city councilor, scholarships not specified).

Nevertheless, if you will not  obtain a scholarship, we will not charge any compensation from you for our help!

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