Call for papers

Discipline range and scope of the journal

Proposal entries can be characterized not only in philosophical manner, as would philosophy historian do. In opinion of our Editorial team every reflection upon specific problems can be philosophical. Hence, we do not want to limit the research to only one field of science or philosophy, but rather we would like to present various points of view, regarding literacy studies, studies of culture, language studies, political studies, sociology, psychology and so on, that are not specifically seen as philosophical ones.

We encourage you to send in your proposals for articles on the following topics.

Upcoming topics

1. „Amor Fati” 1/2019: Animal ethics

We are looking for texts that may be related to:

  1. History of Animal Ethics
  2. Contemporary trends and issues of Animal Ethics
  3. Essays on the ethical importance of diet
  4. Pro-animal activism
  5. Animals in literature, art, music
  6. Animals in society (carnivism, speciesism, vege-feminists)
  7. Animals in science, medicine
  8. Animals in politics, law, education
  9. Animals used for entertainment, in fashion

Of course, we accept applications for abstracts dealing with issues not listed.

The deadline for sending abstracts: 01/11/2018
The deadline for submitting articles: 15/01/2019
Publication: winter 2018/2019 (latest in September 2019)
Submissions should be sent to:


Due to print limits, we reserve the right to divide issues.